In an effort to promote competitive balance among teams, Lyons Township Little League has implemented the following "Buddy Rule":
1.  Buddies are entirely optional.  Many new and enduring friendships have been developed on the diamond during the Little League season among players and parents alike
2.  T Ball has no buddy rule as no score is kept in T Ball.  We make an effort to place kids that attend the same school, live in the same neighborhood, etc. on the same team.  You may enter multiple children as buddies.  Please consider that T Ball teams are small- 8 kids
3.  For C, B, and A Ball- a child may select 1 buddy.  That buddy must request the other child.  So Player A can request Player B to be his buddy.  Player B must also request Player A for there to be a match.  If Player B requests Player C, Player A and B will not be paired.  This rule has been implemented to prevent the chaining of players.  I.e. 4th graders are likely to request each other.  Under an unfettered buddy system, Player A requests Player B, Player B requests C, and so on.  That can result in competitive unbalance as most of the 4th graders are on a team and the other team is composed of 3rd graders.  There will be no exceptions to this 1 to 1 rule.
4.  Siblings in the same division (i.e. a 1st and 2nd grader playing C Ball) will be placed on the same team (unless otherwise requested).  The sibling will count as their buddy.  We will also place twins, triplets, etc. on the same team.

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